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Gate & Barrier Force Testing Services

Gate Safety

Force Test Gate Safety BS-EN 12453 / BS-EN 12445

All automated gates must be tested to and comply with the BS-EN 12453 / BS-EN 12445 criteria.


         Specified Test Points

         Maximum Permissible Force

         Reaction Time Values

A system must detect an impact and reverse its drive within the standard values given.

EN 12453: Defines areas of crushing and draw in points on gates.

 A maximum 400 NM of force is allowed before a gate must stop and reverse safety edges must be used in all stipulated areas.

Upon any contact the force of the gate must reduce to below 150 NM within 750 milliseconds.

EN 12445: Defines the required force testing points on sliding and swing gates, stipulating horizontal

Test points of 500mm 300mm and 50mm from the closing point and vertically from the top of the gate at 300mm, 50mm from the bottom of the gate and the gates centre.

Each point must be tested 3 times and an average calculated.

A separate Risk Assessment should also be completed at every service visit.

All automated gates should be inspected twice a year to ensure safety and conformity to BS-EN 12453 / BS-EN 12445

Please note: any and all insurance may be void without the correct safety documentation.


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